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Breaking Down The Mexican National ID Number

Breaking Down The Mexican National ID Number

The National ID Number or CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población) is likely one of the commonest ID numbers for people in Mexico. It is related in use to the U.S. Social Security Number, however unlike the SSN, it is algorithmically generated using the particular person’s full legal name and personal information. Understanding Mexican ID Number construction may help reveal key information about individuals and permit analysts to easily determine false ID numbers.

Naming Conventions in Latin America

Before we talk about the structure of CURPs, it is essential to talk about naming conventions in Latin America. In Spanish-speaking jurisdictions, names are typically comprised of three parts.

An individual’s given name, additionally known as a primary name, is either a single name, corresponding to Alejandra, or more commonly a compound name with two or more names, similar to Francisco Enrique.

The given name is followed by the paternal surname, then the maternal surname. Paternal and material surnames will be compound, however this is less common.

For example, let’s look at professional Mexican soccer player Rafael Márquez Álvarez. The U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned him in 2017 for serving as a frontman and holding assets for lengthy-time drug kingpin Raúl Flores Hernández, the leader of the Flores Drug Trafficking Organization.

If we break down his name into its three elements, his given name is Rafael, his paternal surname is Márquez, and his maternal surname is Álvarez.

Deciphering the Mexican National ID Number

The Mexican National ID Number (CURP) is an eighteen character alphanumeric code. It's structured as follows:

Four letters from the individual’s legal name: – First letter of the paternal surname – First inside vowel of the paternal surname – First letter of the maternal surname – First letter of the given name
Six numbers that are the particular person’s date of delivery in YYMMDD format
One letter describing the particular person’s gender: "H" for male (hombre) and "M" for female (mujer)
Two letters which might be the 2-letter state abbreviation for the state where the person was born; if the individual was born outside of Mexico, the abbreviation "NE" can be used for Nacido en el Extranjero (born abroad)
Three letters from the particular person’s legal name: – First internal consonant of the paternal surname – First inner consonant of the maternal surname – First internal consonant of the given name
One character to keep away from duplicate CURPs amongst individuals who have related names, places of beginning, and dates of delivery; the character is a number that ranges from zero to 9 for individuals born before 2000 and a letter from A to Z for folks born since 2000
One character that is a checksum

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